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    Hands-on science activity is very popular with teenagers. China science and technology museum is rich in hands-on education resources. This project covers two types: one is to show the advanced manufacturing technology of 3D printing experience; the other is DIY invention around the inventions of the ancient Chinese civilization.

    (1)3D Printing

    3D printing is the most advanced material manufacturing technology. This project constitutes three parts: the introduction of the principle of 3 D printing; 3 D desktop printer displays; and in-depth experience of portable 3 D printing pen. Based on the principle, this activity requires 3 d printing pen, corn starch, sequins, crystal and other handmade material to complete a given model. Finally, participants are invited to design an independent creative design work. Activities will be the knowledge fusion of science, technology, art, which shows a kind of concept of STEAM in the reflection of the science education.


        (2) Funny paper circuit

    Since the human society entered the era of electricity from the era of steam, electricity had become indispensable in our lives. However, how did the people initially connect wires with wires? Through a series of hands-on makings, the activity of funny paper circuit will lead the teenagers to know the knowledge of circuit bit by bit.

    Through constructing the paper cards, we can get to know the basic knowledge of series connection; through designing a beautiful paper model of automobile, we can get to know the functions of parallel connection; through lighting the paper model of science and technology museum, we can get to know the comprehensive effect of series connection and parallel connection.

    This activity utilizes the ordinary copper foil tape as experimental material, takes paper-model designing as the carrier, and combines the science, technology and art design together to allow young people to understand the scientific principles in the process of participating in the design process.

    (3) Paper airplane model

    Flying has been the dream of mankind for thousands of years. From the story of “Wanhu flied to the sky” to the first plane made by the Wright brothers, human had explored for hundreds of years. Especially in the last 100 years, with the development of science and technology, people have invented many kinds of air vehicles. The activity of paper airplane model brings the paper model which is familiar to children into the knowledge of aviation science. Through 10 different available types of paper models, this activity helps participants to understand the structure and function of each part of the aircraft. Through the form of flying competition, this activity helps young people to understand the role of wing and tail and the key role of gravity in aircraft design.

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