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  • Introduction of the Belt and Road Initiative Science Museum International Symposium (BRISMIS)

    It is the common goal and mission of natural science museums all over the world to increase the opportunities for the public to acquire scientific knowledge and science information, and to provide more and better scientific and cultural services. With a view to promoting the public’s interaction with science & technology, society and culture, as well as to enabling it to contribute to the development of local science & technology and culture, natural science museums around the world have attempted to launch in-depth cooperation on a global scale and been continuously improving their strength and innovation awareness through professional development and academic exchanges.

    It has been three years since the Chinese Government officially launched the initiative to build a "Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road" in order to achieve common development with the countries along the two routes (hereinafter referred to as the Belt and Road Initiative). It is well recognized that the Initiative will bring great opportunities to the economy and culture of the Belt and Road countries and beyond. Against this backdrop, CANSM would be honored to host the First International Symposium on the Development of Natural Science Museums under the Belt and Road Initiative, with the intention of strengthening science communication and cooperation among natural science museums involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, and promoting their development and progress. Furthermore, on the shared basis of sufficient discourse, the participating natural science museums will try to work together to find the possibility of establishing a normalized exchange mechanism.

    Centering on the theme of "Collaborative Sharing and Reciprocation: Towards the Co-construction of a Silk Road for Science Communication", the symposium will facilitate academic discussions and communications regarding the relationship between scientific culture and social development, a topic that concerns all the Belt and Road countries; as well, it will expound the impact of natural science museums on local social development under the context of the fact that science and technology have combined to become an important force to drive economic and social developments.


BRISMIS - Belt and Road Initiative Science Museum International Symposium

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