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    Cheng Donghong
    Chair of the Symposium
    President of the Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums (CANSM)

    Beijing has ushered in the golden season of November and talents from all walks of life gather together. Welcome to China to participate and jointly witness the exciting moment at the grand opening of the First International Symposium on the Development of Natural Science Museums under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRISMIS).

    It’s communal goal and mission of science popularization institutions throughout the world to increase the public access to scientific knowledge and technical information, provide more and better scientific & cultural services, promote dialogues and understanding among different cultural civilizations by applying the common language of scientific culture, and also help all citizens and the whole society maximize their potentials. In this sense, BRISMIS is no doubt the very best opportunity in terms of scientific cooperation, cultural exchanges, personnel communication and recipro-city of resources for science popularization venues for countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. Centering on the theme of "Collaborative Sharing and Reciprocation: Towards the Co-construction of a Silk Road for Science Communication", achieve a series of such highly effective outcomes as reciprocity of resources and capability complementarity through pragmatic and innovative agendas incorporating keynote reports, development forums, parallel sessions, resource sharing agreement, issuance of declaration and special visits; and to establish a kind of responsible and pragmatic international partnership.

    As the organizer of BRISMIS, Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums (CANSM) hopes that the dissemination of scientific culture and the cultivation of scientific literacy can be closely combined with the socio-economic development of countries along the "One Belt & One Road", so as to realize the win-win cooperation and long-term vision between and among science popularization institutions. I believe that under the joint efforts of delegates participations in the symposium, the event will have outstanding features, abundant achievements and far-reaching impacts. More importantly, it will play a positive role in promoting the sustainable development of science popularization institutions in those countries along the routes of the Belt and Road Initiative.

    While welcoming you to visit all kinds of excellent science popularization Institution in China, I am earnestly expecting to hear your insights and learn from your valuable experiences. In anticipation of your enjoyable experience of the gathering, I hope that you can make new friends in Beijing, start a new journey, and harvest new friendship. May BRISMIS a complete success!

BRISMIS - Belt and Road Initiative Science Museum International Symposium

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